I have a website now.  

A first journal entry is a lot of pressure.  I never know what to say.  I feel like I need to define everything that there is about me in a way that is funny, poignant and concise, and generally end up doing none of those. I find myself rambling inconsequentially, then going back and deleting everything I wrote.  It is like the first page of a new sketchbook...whatever is drawn on that page needs to be AMAZING, as it will set the tone for the whole rest of the book.  

On the other hand, I actually managed that with my most recent sketchbook, and nothing since that first page has really measured up, so perhaps I should stop worrying about it.

I suppose I'll start with a little about myself, a little more than my silly 'About Me' section offers.  

My name is Rachel Corn-Hicks and I am an illustrator and Graphic Designer.  


Actually, at this moment, I am a senior halfway through my final quarter at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  Which means I am perpetually stressed out and neurotic (more than usual even) and have nightmares about graduating without having finished my projects.  

Though I have not yet graduated, I have done some design and illustration work out in the real world.  Along with my school projects, I done a fair amount of freelance work, interned for a local educational non-profit and am currently in an honors class in which we work with real clients through the school.  

I am more than school, however, though it may not have felt like it for the last four years:  

I am (mostly) from California, though I now live in western Pennsylvania.  I enjoy both places for the different things they bring to the table (I discovered sledding this year and it is AWESOME).  

I am in danger of growing up to be a crazy cat lady. 

I am of the opinion that one of the better things about being a grown-up is cupcakes for breakfast.  

I am a devotee of the cult of coffee.  

I think cartoons are great. 

There are lots of other things about me too, but I'm not going to go into them right now.  

Anyway, I will be posting snippets of my life and my projects and my journey as a fledgling graphic designer here, so feel free to stop by any time!  

(I feel I set the bar adequately low with this first post.  Nowhere to go but up.) 

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