Oh yeah, I have some shirts

So, I have started posting some of my shirt designs on my Redbubble and Society6 accounts! (I also have prints of my other art posted.)

Here are a few things that I made. 

I'm currently brain-dead and inarticulate. 

Here look pictures. 

More other things soon when brain is more good.



My Defense is That it Has Not Yet Been a Year.

Also, I had this goal of next posting when I started posting designs in my stores and it took a while to get my act together for that.

This post contains none of those.

Instead I thought I would start with some of the sketches and whatnot from the past many many months.

I accepted that I love foxes and coffee. Who doesn't?

I made some exteneded doodles of insects and leaves:

I realized how passionate I was about pancakes:

Dragons are great:

And so's my bff, who inspired this girl knitting life into a sketch that I intend to make into something more at some point when I get around to it...

And...I did a few studies because I always find that I need practice. So much practice.


...more soon. No REALLY. I PROMISE.



This and That

A few bits and pieces from the last while:


After my work illustrating the animated short I finished this past winter, someone who saw the show asked if I would be willing to do an illustration of their house for their husband's birthday. So, um. I did. 

I had a lot of fun with the vegetation. 

My niece had a first birthday and my sister asked if I could do an illustration for her party invitation. The party had a woodland theme running heavy on foxes:

That's about it on the commissioned work. I haven't really done much art stuff at the new job, but I have been starting to work on some of my own stuff which I will hopefully post some of soon.


Where were we?

So, last autumn in Pittsburgh, I applied for an opening with Big Burrito --a restaurant consortium (consortium? Is that what you call it? They own a number of different restaurants.) as a graphic designer. 

Unfortunately (or not--who knows? We can't see around the bends of the paths not taken.), they went with an applicant who had more relevant experience. I can't fault them for that. But the really liked my illustrative style, and they asked if they could hire me to design some new tshirts for their Mexican Fusion chain, Mad Mex. 

It was a challenging job -- I had a difficult time getting on the same wavelength as the art director. I kept having glimmers of great ideas that just never solidified. I made some sketches: 

...and while some of them were heading the right general direction (he liked the skull), in general, they just weren't quite clicking. So we talked about it, discussed design ideas, and finally came up with some stuff we thought would work. Dia de los Muertos Roller Derby girls:

And some hipster magicians: 

And then: 

They chose to use two of the images on tshirts and even sent me a couple: 

Then I learned to do roller derby, and here's me in my derby gear, and my derby girl tshirt: 





Rickert & Beagle Books

A good friend of mine back in Pittsburgh kind of...fell into being an awesome bookstore owner of an awesome bookstore. Even more awesome, she co-owns it with Peter S. Beagle, the author of the infamous Last Unicorn: 

And then, she thought *I* was cool enough to design the corporate identity for the new store name, Rickert & Beagle Books. 

So, here are some sketches: 

She loved the sketches and said I totally got her vibe -- she liked a) Victorian inspired stuff and b) vintage scifi stuff -- and that they were fantastic, and so the next step was to make some more complete versions digitally of her favorite designs: 

And then fiddling with the hand-drawn lettering:

Trying some embellishments and variations in typeweight:

And then, finally: 

look how official!


Down the line we are hoping for me to design some tshirts as well! Yay!