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Procrastination Spiral 

Yet again, I've gone months without updating. 

I have to admit that a few of the good habits I'd been building have been falling to the wayside lately; updating my website journal, my second attempt at the Artist's Way, my weekly goal list.

The website, more than anything else, however, has fallen victim to the treacherous and dreaded Guilt and Procrastination Spiral -- that phenomenon of putting off a task and then the longer it has been since said task needed doing, the more guilt is associated with the failure and the more weight it takes on in one's mind and to deal with the stress, the task is put in a box and buried in a shallow brain-grave where a corner sticks up and trips you whenever you walk past and reminds you that you HAVEN'T DONE THE THING so you freak out and put more dirt on top of it and promise yourself you will take care of it properly SOON and then find ways to ignore that patch of mind-forest for a while and it's STILL WAITING FOREVER WAITING.

Or maybe that's just me. 

So, this won't be a long post tonight, but the point is to break out of that cycle and not think that I have to make a Deep and Meaningful post to make up for my absence, just to make A post. 

This is going to be a more of an 'I'm still here and will post soon I promise' post than anything else. I'm not posting any art. Because one of the habits that I have largely been keeping to is drawing almost every day. I haven't done that tonight, and need to go to bed in just a little bit, but I want to get a little sketching done first. And to be honest, I would rather have good habits with my art than good habits posting on my website ABOUT my art.

But also due to that sketching I mentioned, I DO have art TO share. And I will soon. Not an idle threat. 

So good night, internet land. Good night. 

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