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What I've Been Up To

Since I've been so bad at updating, rather than worrying about a weekly update and then falling behind and feeling overwhelmed, I made myself a goal on my monthly goal list to update two times. My first update was rather shoddy, to be sure, mostly just a message to say that I would update again at some point soon, but now I am posting for the second time in May with the intent of actually imparting information about the current state of my own little art microcosm. 

The problem being where to begin.

Well. As I've mentioned once or twice, and touched on briefly in the last post, for a while, I was in a rather rough state in regards to my creativity. Due to stupid circumstances art had become more a point of stress than an oasis and I would only succeed in dragging myself reluctantly to my medium of choice on a sporadic basis, the rest of the time feeling dissatisfied with my lack of creative energy and plagued by phantom guilt, which only succeeded in feeding back into the bad feelings surrounding creating. 

So, I set out to change that. I started trying to draw every day again, as I should. I don't always hit the mark. Sometimes a day is busy or I go to an event and come home tipsy and tired have nothing in me but a need for food and sleep. But I try not to beat myself up for the days when I live life and experience things because I feel like that's important too. 

Also, I feel like I promised art and am now rambling about my process and I'm boring even myself. 

The point I'm working around to is that, ups and downs of my life over the last while or not..and downs and downs, if I'm being candid, I have been drawing again. Regularly. I've been getting better not thinking that every sketch in my sketchbook has to be worthy of the Louvre. I have drawn crap and I have been okay with it because I was drawing and maybe an idea came out of it. And maybe something that I thought was stupid ends up being good and sometimes something I think will be good simply DOESN'T work and arching over all of this is the fact that I once again have the DESIRE to draw. 

Here are some of my stupid sketches: 



Just...doodling. While I'm watching tv with friends, while I'm waiting to read a poem at open mic, while I'm in between other projects, when I just want the tactile experience of paper under my hands. And some of them are totally stupid. But some of them I like enough to do more with: 

I actually have a few things right now that are pencil sketches waiting impatiently for digital inking, things I haven't yet had time to tackle. Because my time is not always my own. I've had a couple of people beg projects off of me: 

(Conversations with Coffee can be read here)

There are more things to talk about: work, art and music festivals --but think I have a little time before a friend arrives to start work on a new project, so I'm going to leave this for today. 

Fair winds and full sails! 


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