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Return from the Abyss 

I haven't posted anything new in a while. 

That's not a rarity for me. 

Part of it is the usual storm of procrastination that sweeps everything to the wayside. 

But also 

I've been working on...I think the best way to put it is perhaps...attempting to regain my creative direction. I haven't known what I was doing. I need something to fan the flames of my passion. I've been depressed and directionless. I have big ideas but they are so big that they become daunting. So I try to work around their edges and look at them slantwise and hope that's enough to gain the momentum I need. And, unsurprisingly, it hasn't been. 


Sometimes when you feel lost, the only thing you can do is just choose a direction and start walking. 

This is me putting on my hiking boots. 


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